Friday 15 January, 2021
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Linnox Silk Oy was founded in 1993 and has been serving in Finnish market until now. All Linnox products have Finnish sizes made and designed for the Finnish natural conditions and social life. So Linnox prodcucts are economical, light and warm; easy to handle - dry first in air for a few times, then wash it. Not like other underwears you have wash it after sweating. Save energy and water. Linnox has several product groups made from different fabric as following:
1. 100% silk Jersey
This product group has charactors of  light weight, warm and breathble. Long undwear suit outdoor use, i,e, nordic walking, hiking tour, biking, hunting, motor biking, boating, travelling, house riding, as well cross country ski.
2. 100% silk interlock
This product group suits colder wearther ie. -5C since the fabric is thick, warm and breathble, but not flexble. Long undwear suits  more for motor biking, sailing, hunting, downhill ski. Weather below. 0C
3. 100% silk 2x2 rib
This product group made from100% silk  2x2 rib fabric which is very flexble, thick, warm and breathble. But not so smooth like jersy and interlock. If you have skin problem, then better not choose this group.

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